Fast, Smart and Reliable

State-of-the-art managed DNS service

More than just a
RFC-compliant DNS


Your can use other DNS providers with AXFR feature as secondary or use us as secondary NS.


Simple and intuitive DNSSEC support.
It only takes a few minutes to set up.

Instant zone updates

All updates to your zone are pushed to our global edges within lower than 1s on average.

API / SDK Support

Our serveice comes with well-documented API.
We also provide official support for popular DNS libraries like Lexicon.

Blazing-fast AnyCast Infrastructure

Over 70 Points of Presense around the world

North America18
Los Angeles, United Statesx 2
San Jose, United Statesx 2
Seattle, United Statesx 2
Chicago, United States
Dallas, United States
Denver, United States
Kansas City, United States
Washington D.C., United Statesx 2
New York, United Statesx 2
Miami, United States
Atlanta, United States
Montréal, Canada
Toronto, Canada
London, United Kingdomx 2
Frankfurt, Germanyx 3
Düsseldorf, Germany
Amsterdam, Netherlandsx 3
Paris, Francex 2
Marseille, France
Madrid, Spainx 2
Dublin, Ireland
Brussels, Belgium
Prague, Czech Republicx 2
Oslo, Norway
Stockholm, Sweden
Tallinn, Estonia
Riga, Latvia
Milan, Italy
Palermo, Italy
Warsaw, Poland
Sofia, Bulgaria
Vilnius, Lithuania
Moscow, Russia
St. Petersburg, Russia
Khabarovsk, Russia
Asia & Oceania21
Singaporex 3
Tokyo, Japanx 3
Osaka, Japan
Seoul, South Koreax 2
Hong Kongx 3
Chennai (Madras), India
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Sydney, Australiax 2
Melbourne, Australia
Adelaide, Australia
Brisbane, Australia
Perth, Australia
Auckland, New Zealand
Africa & South America3
Johannesburg, South Africa
São Paulo, Brazil
Santiago, Chile