Kansas City

Misaka.io operates from the NOCIX Swift data center.


Our Kansas location operates from NOCIX Swift, a purpose-built data center in the heart of the Midwest.


Not available yet



  • Arelion, Cogent, Hurricane Electric via WSI
  • Direct connection to KCIX, HOUIX, STLIX

Instant Deployed Cloud Server

Standard (Gen2)

S2-1C1G11 GiB16 GiB1 TiB$6 / moOrder
S2-1C2G12 GiB32 GiB2 TiB$10 / moOrder
S2-2C3G23 GiB48 GiB3 TiB$15 / moOrder
S2-2C4G24 GiB64 GiB4 TiB$20 / moOrder
S2-4C6G46 GiB96 GiB6 TiB$30 / moOrder
S2-4C8G48 GiB112 GiB8 TiB$40 / moOrder
S2-6C12G612 GiB128 GiB12 TiB$60 / moOrder
S2-8C16G816 GiB144 GiB16 TiB$80 / moOrder
S2-8C24G824 GiB160 GiB24 TiB$120 / moOrder
S2-16C32G1632 GiB240 GiB32 TiB$160 / moOrder

Frequently asked questions

  • We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, UnionPay and Alipay.
    For larger transactions, ACH and Wire Transfer are also accepted.

  • See our full list of operating systems here.

  • We utilize KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) on all of our infrastructure.

  • Yes! We have native IPv6 support in all locations except Seoul.

  • Yes again! We provide BGP session in all locations but set up fee will be charged per ASN.
    LOA is required in some locations as requested by upstream. Please contact us for more information.