São Paulo, Brazil

Strategically positioned in the heart of the high-powered city of São Paulo, our site is close to all major end user carriers such as Vivo, Oi, Claro and NET, guaranteeing higher availability and lower latency to these networks.

  • Transit

    • Maxihost (Algar, Cogent and Sparkle)
    • NetActuate (CenturyLink, Sparkle)
  • Peering

    • IX.br (PTT.br) São Paulo
    • 1000+ peers
  • Backbone

    • Redundancy

      • Precision air cooling with continuous thermal humidity control
      • Fully redundant (UPS, generator, refrigeration and optical fiber access)
    • Compliance

      • ISO 27001
    • Security

      • 24x7 monitoring with cameras and access control
      • Smoke and heat detection
      • Automatic fire fighting system equipped with HFC-125 gas

    Edge (Gen2)

    E2-S111 GiB16 GiB1 TiB$30 / moOrder
    E2-D222 GiB32 GiB2 TiB$60 / moOrder
    E2-D444 GiB48 GiB4 TiB$120 / moOrder
    E2-D888 GiB64 GiB8 TiB$240 / moOrder
    E2-D161616 GiB80 GiB16 TiB$480 / moOrder