Johannesburg, South Africa

Strategically located in Ekurhuleni, the greater Johannesburg Metropol’s trade and industry hub, our Johannesburg location offers access to the largest peering exchange and low latency to all networks in Africa.

  • Transit

    • xTom Africa (MFN)
  • Peering

    • NAPAfrica Johannesburg
    • 350+ peers
  • Backbone

    • Redundancy

      • Redundant diesel generators with 5 days of fuel onsite
      • Multiple cooling zones with independent CRAC units
    • Compliance

      • PCI-DSS
      • ISO 27001
      • ISO-9001
    • Security

      • Pre-authorized access only
      • Visual identity confirmation
      • Biometric fingerprint imaging
      • 24×7 video surveillance
      • Comprehensive perimeter and building security

    Standard (Gen2)

    S2-1C1G11 GiB16 GiB1 TiB$10 / moOrder
    S2-1C2G22 GiB32 GiB2 TiB$20 / moOrder
    S2-2C3G23 GiB48 GiB3 TiB$30 / moOrder
    S2-2C4G24 GiB64 GiB4 TiB$40 / moOrder
    S2-4C6G46 GiB96 GiB6 TiB$60 / moOrder
    S2-4C8G48 GiB112 GiB8 TiB$80 / moOrder
    S2-6C12G612 GiB128 GiB12 TiB$120 / moOrder
    S2-8C16G816 GiB144 GiB16 TiB$160 / moOrder
    S2-8C24G824 GiB160 GiB24 TiB$240 / moOrder
    S2-16C32G1632 GiB240 GiB32 TiB$320 / moOrder