Washington DC (Reston, VA)

Located within CoreSite VA1, Our Reston location provides close proximity to Washington DC and offers access to the largest peering exchange in the U.S. east coast.

  • Transit

    • Lumen
    • Voxility (via IAD01, NTT + Telia)
  • Peering

    • Equinix Ashburn
    • LINX NoVA
    • 300+ peers
  • Backbone

  • Redundancy

    • 2N UPS/PDU/RPP
    • N+1 generators
    • N+2 chillers, cooling towers, and chilled water pumps
    • N+2 CRAHs
  • Compliance

    • NIST 800-53/FISMA
    • SOC 1 Type II
    • SOC-2 Type II
    • PCI-DSS
    • ISO 27001
    • HIPAA
  • Security

    • Key cards and biometric scanners
    • Camera monitored entries
    • Perimeter and interior IP-DVR
    • Controlled site access
    • 24x7x365 remote security monitoring


T2-1G21 GiB20 GiB1 TiB$25 / yrOrder
T2-512M1512 MiB10 GiB512 GiB$15 / yrOrder

Standard NVMe w/o RAID (Gen2)

S2X-1C1G11 GiB16 GiB1 TiB$4.75 / moOrder
S2X-1C2G22 GiB32 GiB2 TiB$9.5 / moOrder
S2X-2C3G23 GiB48 GiB3 TiB$14.25 / moOrder
S2X-2C4G24 GiB64 GiB4 TiB$19 / moOrder
S2X-4C6G46 GiB96 GiB6 TiB$28.5 / moOrder
S2X-4C8G48 GiB112 GiB8 TiB$38 / moOrder
S2X-6C12G612 GiB128 GiB12 TiB$57 / moOrder
S2X-8C16G816 GiB144 GiB16 TiB$76 / moOrder
S2X-8C24G824 GiB160 GiB24 TiB$114 / moOrder
S2X-16C32G1632 GiB240 GiB32 TiB$152 / moOrder

Standard NVMe (Gen2)

S2N-1C1G11 GiB16 GiB1 TiB$5 / moOrder
S2N-1C2G22 GiB32 GiB2 TiB$10 / moOrder
S2N-2C3G23 GiB48 GiB3 TiB$15 / moOrder
S2N-2C4G24 GiB64 GiB4 TiB$20 / moOrder
S2N-4C6G46 GiB96 GiB6 TiB$30 / moOrder
S2N-4C8G48 GiB112 GiB8 TiB$40 / moOrder
S2N-6C12G612 GiB128 GiB12 TiB$60 / moOrder
S2N-8C16G816 GiB144 GiB16 TiB$80 / moOrder
S2N-8C24G824 GiB160 GiB24 TiB$120 / moOrder
S2N-16C32G1632 GiB240 GiB32 TiB$160 / moOrder