St. Petersburg, Russia

Connected to two primary Internet traffic exchange points in St. Petersburg, our site is a perfect place to provide low-latency connectivity in Russia.

  • Transit

    • RASCOM
    • GlobalNet
  • Peering

    • Data-IX
    • Global-IX
    • PITER-IX St. Petersburg
    • 1000+ peers
  • Backbone

  • Redundancy

    • Uninterruptible power supplies
    • N+1 diesel generator clusters, chillers
    • N+1 air conditioners
  • Compliance

    • PCI-DSS
    • Tier III standards
  • Security

    • Latest security systems
    • Around-the-clock armed guards
    • 100+ surveillance cameras
    • Magnetic card access control system

Standard NVMe (Gen2)

S2N-1C1G11 GiB16 GiB1 TiB$10 / moOrder
S2N-1C2G22 GiB32 GiB2 TiB$20 / moOrder
S2N-2C3G23 GiB48 GiB3 TiB$30 / moOrder
S2N-2C4G24 GiB64 GiB4 TiB$40 / moOrder
S2N-4C6G46 GiB96 GiB6 TiB$60 / moOrder
S2N-4C8G48 GiB112 GiB8 TiB$80 / moOrder
S2N-6C12G612 GiB128 GiB12 TiB$120 / moOrder
S2N-8C16G816 GiB144 GiB16 TiB$160 / moOrder
S2N-8C24G824 GiB160 GiB24 TiB$240 / moOrder
S2N-16C32G1632 GiB240 GiB32 TiB$320 / moOrder

Standard NVMe w/CN2 (Gen2)

S2A-1C512M1512 MiB10 GiB512 GiB$14 / moOrder
S2A-1C1G11 GiB16 GiB1 TiB$20 / moOrder
S2A-1C2G22 GiB32 GiB2 TiB$40 / moOrder
S2A-2C3G23 GiB48 GiB3 TiB$60 / moOrder
S2A-2C4G24 GiB64 GiB4 TiB$80 / moOrder
S2A-4C6G46 GiB96 GiB6 TiB$120 / moOrder
S2A-4C8G48 GiB112 GiB8 TiB$160 / moOrder
S2A-6C12G612 GiB128 GiB12 TiB$240 / moOrder
S2A-8C16G816 GiB144 GiB16 TiB$320 / moOrder
S2A-8C24G824 GiB160 GiB24 TiB$480 / moOrder
S2A-16C32G1632 GiB240 GiB32 TiB$640 / moOrder